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Checking the identity of the instructed advocate

PUBLISHED November 29, 2012

29 November 2012

How the identity check process works after we receive AF1 forms

We have been asked to clarify when we check the identity of the instructed advocate following submission of an AF1 claim form.

This is the form you use when claiming for Advocates Graduated Fees. It is the new section 8 on the AF1 form that deals with certification of the instructed advocate.

This new section about the instructed advocate needs to be fully completed on the AF1 form and supporting evidence provided where necessary.

Checks during processing

We check this section to validate the identity of the instructed advocate when we process the claim.

There are no checks made immediately on receipt. This is because we need to make these checks with input from our most experienced colleagues.

Need to minimise rejects

We do it this way because we want to make sure that rejects because of an incorrect instructed advocate being identified are kept to a minimum.

Further information

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