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Anti-Asbo alliance formed

PUBLISHED March 9, 2005

Politicians may love antisocial behaviour orders. But not all frontline professionals have been so enamoured with them, and a new campaigning organisation hopes to tap into that scepticism.

Asbo Concern is to be launched next month. Coordinator Matt Foot, a criminal defence solicitor, explains: "The government is irresponsible promoting Asbos - which often criminalise people for behaviour that is not criminal - when there is no evidence that they work. We have serious concerns about the way they are used and want to organise the broadest possible coalition to put pressure on the government for a full review."
Foot says 13 organisations - including the National Association of Probation Officers, the Community and Youth Workers Union, the British Association of Social Workers (BASW) and Action for Children's Rights - have already signed up to the campaign's statement of aims.