AGFS: new form for redetermination requests

PUBLISHED February 3, 2014

Change of form from 1 March 2014 and tips for faster turnarounds

All requests for redeterminations must be submitted on a version 3 Advocate Fee redetermination form (AF2) from 1 March 2014.
It is also important to follow the process. We are continuing to reduce the time taken to consider your requests. If you remember the following the points we should be able to make further improvements:

Use the correct AF2 form

A copy of the correct version 3 Advocate Fee redetermination form can be found on our website. Please see below for a link.
Any request not submitted on the correct form will not be processed.

When to submit appeals

Appeals should only be submitted when a payment has already been made on a case.

If a claim is rejected before a payment has been made you should not use an AF2 form. Simply resubmit the AF1 form with the relevant amendments made. 
One example is where an AF1 has been rejected because no representation order is attached. In this situation you should resubmit the AF1 and attach the missing information.

Timescale and sign off for AF2

AF2s must be lodged within 21 days of receipt of our original determination. They must also be signed by the instructed advocate.

Remember supporting documentation

A copy of the AF1 and supporting documents should be attached to the AF2. 
This assists in redetermining your claim more accurately. Please ensure dates of hearings are shown on the AF1.
This information will be required should we have to contact the court. If claiming additional standard appearance fees (SAF) please ensure the dates of all previous SAFs are provided.

Appealing travel costs

If appealing travel costs, ensure a full breakdown of costs/dates and any necessary receipts are provided.
Please see link below for AF2/Crime processing dates.

Further information

Version 3 ? AF2 Form

Nottingham AGFS Team contacts:
0115 908 4210