Legal Aid

AF1 claims and the Instructed Advocate process

PUBLISHED June 3, 2013

Demonstrating that you qualify as an Instructed Advocate

Advocates are currently required to complete the AF1 claim form to indicate how they qualify as the Instructed Advocate.

We are receiving an increased number of enquiries about the process.

So we thought it would be useful to clarify that there are four possible routes to an advocate becoming an Instructed Advocate. These are:

  • notifying the court in writing before the plea and case management hearing (PCMH)
  • attending the PMCH
  • attending the first hearing after the PCMH when no other advocate has attended the PCMH
  • change of instructed advocate

We've published a guidance document 'Instructed Advocates guidance for advocates' on the Advocates Graduated Fee Scheme page. This provides more detail on this process and includes guidance on what the Advocates Team looks for when processing your claim.

Further information

Advocates Graduated Fee Scheme: 'Instructed Advocates guidance for advocates'