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ACPO response to HMIC report on stop and search powers

PUBLISHED July 9, 2013

National policing lead on stop and search Deputy Commissioner Craig Mackey said:

"Stop and search that is intelligence led, proportionate and carried out with professionalism and respect is an important tool in tackling knife, gun and gang crimes and terrorism. Although being stopped and searched can be a daunting experience, 24 per cent of those surveyed by HMIC said that the interaction improved their opinion of the police showing that the tactic can build public trust if used appropriately.

"However, as HMIC's report shows, there is more for police leaders to do to ensure that stop and search is being used fairly and effectively across the country.

"There are clear problems with recording practices; in many cases officers may have conducted a search based on suspicions but not recorded it fully. This needs to be rectified so that we can be sure that this power is being used in right way for the right reasons.

"This report makes tough reading in some places for the police service, but the recommendations within it are reasonable and pragmatic. ACPO will work with the HMIC, College of Policing and the Home Office, taking into account the findings of the public consultation on stop and search, to implement these recommendations."