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ACPO response to Equality and Human Rights Commission report into the use of section 60 stop and search power

PUBLISHED June 12, 2012

ACPO lead for stop and search, Deputy Commissioner Craig Mackey, said:

"This report is a welcome step in further understanding the impact that stop and search can have within our communities. Chief officers, through ACPO, have been working for some time with the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), as well as partners within the police service including the National Policing Improvement Agency, to ensure that stop and search is used proportionately and with the full support of the communities we serve.

"Chief officers support the use of stop and search as these powers are critical in our efforts to tackle knife, gun and gang crimes. It is important that there is a debate about the effectiveness of these police tactics as we seek to balance the impact of powers, like section 60, on our communities with the need to protect communities from serious crime.

"The police service is firmly committed to working, both locally and nationally, to ensure all sections of society have confidence in the police service and we look forward to working with EHRC to better understand the evidence shown in this report and how it can influence our decision making."