Tuesday Truth – #Charter4Justice

PUBLISHED March 13, 2018

Why do we need a Charter for Justice?
All the things we warned about for the last decade have come to pass.
Justice on the cheap means wrongful convictions, chaos at court, an ageing profession with no prospect of a new generation to provide continuity, the best experts unwilling to work in criminal defence, spirit sapping battles with bureaucracy, more stress, rates lower than they were 30 years ago, challenges to diversity, and policies such as flexible court hours discriminating predominantly against women. Prisons are violent and filthy and overused, whilst the released under investigation debacle, is a public protection scandal in the making.
Our court estate has either been left to fester or flogged off, meaning users are expected to take long and expensive journeys, or be forced to accept the shiny lawyer-free world of digital injustice.
If we, who have devoted our working lives to the criminal justice system, don’t make a stand now, we can’t expect anyone else to care.
Now is the time to send a message through the revolving door at the Ministry of Justice.
We stand for fearless defence and fair prosecution, access to local justice and a humane prison system where meaningful rehabilitation is the norm not the exception.
Join us with the Criminal Law Solicitors Association and the Criminal Bar Association on Monday 26th March 2018 at The Law Society from 6pm to launch the Charter for Justice to say we can and we must do better.

LCCSA Launch of CHARTER FOR JUSTICE on 26th March at 6pm at The Law Society #Charter4Justice

For further information contact Sara Boxer