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Theresa May: Fight Europe by all means, but not over this Arrest Warrant

PUBLISHED November 10, 2014

Britain's relationship with Europe must change. The only question is, how? As Home Secretary, I have seen the effects of the European Court of Human Rights and its rulings on our national security. That is why we must change our relationship with the Court - or leave its jurisdiction altogether. I have cut net migration from outside Europe back to the levels of the Nineties, but EU free-movement rules mean immigration is still far too high. That is why we have to negotiate changes in the way free movement affects our country. And, while access to the world's biggest single market is in our national interest, the EU's rules and regulations hold back not just our economy, but also the economies of every other member state. That is why we need to argue for changes that make the EU more competitive, more outward-looking and more open to global trade.

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