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Rap used to raise awareness of Norfolk police election

PUBLISHED October 2, 2012

But the election of Police and Crime Commissioners is still so little known that one force authority has made a toe-curling attempt at a hip-hop track to raise awareness.

The video, titled Are U Ready?, is by a local writer called Keith Skipper, under the guise of Duzzy Raskel.

Wearing sunglasses and a Norwich City FC tracksuit, he explains that PCC stands for Police and Crime Commissioner rather than a variety of other organisations such as Parochial Church Council or Parish Clock Committee.

It features him standing in front of the Norfolk Constabulary headquarters as well as on a beach, outside a stately home, in a field and next to a steam train.

The rap states that "we'll give them permission to do better for me and you," and makes it clear that the elections for PCCs are on November 15th, but does not actually explain what the powerful new role entails.

Mr Skipper, who founded an organisation to preserve Norfolk's traditional dialect, said: "It's a serious subject, but we feel a lighter touch with that distinctive Norfolk flavour helps get the message across.

"I've never done anything like this before... something I have in common with most candidates and voters on 15 November.

"It's a cross between rap and country."

The Norfolk Police Authority, which will be replaced by a PCC, spent £5,000 on the video.

Chris Harding, its outgoing chief executive, said: "I hope that the launch of the Duzzy Raskel rap helps raise awareness in Norfolk."

However the official video, posted on the authority's website, had only been watched 332 times between Saturday and Tuesday.

Electoral experts fear that turnout for the polls, taking place in 41 police force areas across England and Wales, could lead to a record low turnout of 18 per cent.

This would damage the winning candidates' credibility and could even let in extremist parties by the back door.