Guidance on Face to Face Prison Visits

PUBLISHED November 5, 2020

HMPPS has now issued guidance to prisons on operations and regimes during the current national lockdown. I am pleased the report that face to face professional visits will continue. The relevant extract from the guidance is below:

Face-to-face official visits are not suspended and must be prioritised. Remote access via telephone or digital should be prioritised wherever possible but establishments must continue to offer the option of a face to face visit to those legal representatives who require or request it. Legal representatives and prisoners must wear face coverings at all times during face to face visits and social distancing must be maintained.

The production and reception of prisoners to and from court will continue as normal.


Gary Poole
Operations Manager – London Prisons Group
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Haken House, HMP Pentonville, Caledonian Road, London N7 8TT