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Public Disorder Robbery: John Kafunda and Reece Donovan convicted

PUBLISHED March 2, 2012

CPS London?s Head of Complex Casework Jenny Hopkins said: ?The image of Reece Donovan rifling through the contents of this vulnerable young man?s bag was one of the most shocking images from the public disorder in the summer of 2011. Before this, John Kafunda approached Asyraf Rossli and lifted him up to his feet. He gave every impression of simply helping Mr Rossli, having realised that he was injured. If his initial impulse was to help, it was quickly superseded by a decision to steal from the helpless and injured victim. ?These were cowardly actions by two individuals who took advantage of a young man already dazed from a previous assault (for which another man was convicted in February), which left him with his jaw broken in two places. This verdict means justice has been served and the Crown Prosecution Service, working closely with the police, will continue to robustly prosecute those involved in the disorder last year.?