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Parents jailed for attacking daughter because she had black boyfriend

PUBLISHED August 6, 2012

A mother and father were jailed for attacking their daughter because she had "brought shame" on their family by dating a black man.

Parents David and Frances Champion hit and punched their daughter Jane, 17, and her waiter boyfriend in a racist attack.

A court heard the parents were outraged when they returned home to find Jane in a "state of undress" with boyfriend Alfonce Ncube.

Champion, 50, shouted racist abuse at Mr Ncube, before grabbing and kicking him as he pushed him out of the house.

The dad then grabbed his daughter by her hair and starting to hit her for "bringing shame" on the family.

Prosecutor Nicola Powell said: "He told her she was destroying the family and pushed her out of the front door.

"Champion shouting racist language to describe Mr Ncube."

Mis Champion went to stay with her grandmother but returned home to her parents in St Thomas, Swansea, once the situation had "calmed down".

But the court heard a month later her parents returned from the pub to challenge her if she was still seeing Mr Ncube.

Miss Powell said: "David Champion asked his daughter if she was still seeing Mr Ncube. When she told him she was, he punched her in the face.

"Miss Champion said she felt huge pain to her left eye, but her father then grabbed her by her throat, and continued hitting her."

Swansea Crown Court heard her mother then yelled abuse at her pretty teenage daughter saying: "You deserve it. It is all your fault."

Mum Frances Champion then began hitting her daughter - causing swelling on her face and lumps on her head.

The court heard Champion said her daughter had "brought shame on her family".

The parents then went in search of Mr Ncube at a Swansea restaurant where they began shouting for the waiter who was "in hiding".

The couple were removed from the restaurant but Frances Champion continued to bang on a window.

John Hipkin, defending David Champion, said he knew it was an "abhorrent" assault.

He said: "It's not excusable in any way, shape or form.

"But the circumstances in which he found his young daughter meant he reacted in a terrible way. Lessons have been learned."

Georgina Buckley, defending Frances Champion, admitted it was "disgraceful".

She said: "She accepts her actions were fuelled by alcohol and that she confronted her daughter in a wholly unacceptable and disgusting way.

"She is remorseful and her daughter has sent her a text message before the court hearing wishing her well."

David Champion was sentenced to 12 months in prison and his wife to nine months after admitting assault on their daughter.

The father also admitted a charge of racially aggravated assault against Mr Nucbe.

Frances Champion admitted using threatening, abusive or offensive words or behaviour to cause racially aggravated fear or provocation of violence towards Mr Ncube.

Judge Peter Heywood told the pair: "Your behaviour was disgraceful and you used vile language.

"We live in a liberal and enlightened society and these sorts of racist behaviour cannot be tolerated.

"The way you reacted was totally inappropriate.

"I would be failing in my public duty if I was to do anything other than to impose a custodial sentence."