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Nigella and the right to legal protection | @guardianletters

PUBLISHED December 25, 2013

Since you have allowed Geoffrey Robertson QC, a friend of Nigella Lawson, substantial space to plead on her behalf (21 December), I trust you will commission a lawyer of equal status to put the case for the relatively poor Italian sisters who have also suffered vilification of their characters by the Lawson-Saatchi legal team. Saachi would have had the sisters in jail for Christmas had not the judge, quite rightly in my opinion, allowed Saatchi's email to Lawson referring to her drug-taking to be placed in the public domain; it was highly relevant to the Grillos' defence. Robertson, who is normally on the side of the oppressed, should be applauding this verdict for the weak against the strong, instead of sticking up for his rich friend who was simply embarrassed at being caught out as an illegal drug user ? after all, no one forced the Lawson-Saatchis to bring this prosecution, and besides, judging by their weekly spending as revealed in court, they can well afford to take the hit. Dr Colin Lovelace Anglet, France

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