New criminal legal aid application forms

PUBLISHED January 21, 2014

Introduction of version 11 CRM14, CRM15, CRM15C and CRM16 forms on 27 January 2014

New versions of the above forms are being introduced to support the introduction of an eligibility threshold for Crown Court trials on 27 January 2014.

You will receive an initial supply of version 11 of the CRM14 and CRM15 forms and the CRM15C continuation form.

The following will continue to be available online:

  • Form CRM16: Application for review on the grounds of hardship
  • Criminal Legal Aid Manual (CLAM)

Income threshold

From 27 January, legal aid applicants assessed against the means test as having an annual household disposable income of £37,500 or more will be ineligible for legal aid in the Crown Court.

Although the process for applying for legal aid in the Crown Court will not change, the applicant?s declaration on the CRM14 and CRM15 has been amended to reflect the position from 27 January 2014.

This now states that information provided on the forms will be used to determine whether applicants are eligible in Crown Court proceedings.

Form CRM16 has been revised to allow for a detailed explanation of costs for a Crown Court trial including a breakdown of advocate fees.

When should you use the new forms?

To allow for stocks of version 10 forms to be exhausted, there is no mandatory date at this point for submitting the new forms.

However, if, on or after 27 January 2014, the applicant signs a version 10 form, please ensure they are made fully aware of the new financial eligibility threshold. 

If you exhaust your stocks of version 10 forms ahead of 27 January 2014, version 11 forms can be used ahead of the change.

But, as with previous new forms releases, version 10 and version 11 forms cannot be mixed in the same application.

You need to note that, although there is no cut off for version 10 forms, any applications for an eligibility review should be submitted using the version 11 CRM16.

This now asks for the detailed breakdown of estimated costs for a Crown Court case required for these costs to be considered as part of the review.

A new version of the Criminal Legal Aid Manual (CLAM) also comes into effect from 27 January 2014. This will be available electronically for download from the Justice website ? see below.

Where can I get further stock?

As previously, further stocks of the CRM forms are available, free of charge, from DST Output and their contact details can be found in section 4 of the CLAM.

Contact the National Courts Teams if you have any questions about using the forms, associated guidance or the criminal means assessment scheme.

Further information

Justice website:

Training for legal aid transformation changes ? to find out more about the new financial eligibility threshold

Criminal forms: applications ? to preview new forms ? we will also be placing revised forms guidance to download here in support of version 11 forms

Crime eligibility ? to download new version of the Criminal Legal Aid Manual (CLAM) from 27 January 2014

National Courts Teams:

NCT Nottingham
Telephone: 0115 908 4244

NCT Liverpool
Telephone: 0151 242 5203