More victims of crime will be able to access a high standard of restorative justice across England and Wales with the launch of a new action plan today.

Restorative justice allows victims of crime to be given the opportunity to confront their offender and to have a say in the resolution of the offence.

'Restorative Justice Action Plan for the Criminal Justice System' is aimed at increasing the number of trained professionals who deliver restorative justice and improving awareness among victims. It coincides with the start of International Restorative Justice Week and builds on the Government's plans to give judges explicit powers to defer sentencing to allow for restorative justice to take place.

Justice Minister Jeremy Wright said:

'Victims deserve access to a high standard of restorative justice no matter where they are in the country and at a time that?s right for them.'

Victim Support Chief Executive, Javed Khan said:

'We welcome the Government's new action plan for restorative justice, particularly its commitment to focus on victims' needs.'

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