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Male model who beat up girlfriend at 'Killing Kittens' swingers party jailed

PUBLISHED August 20, 2012

A male model who beat up his Thai girlfriend because he thought she was having sex with another man at an exclusive swingers' party was jailed for five years today.

Swede Patrick Ribbsaeter, 32, had attacked Wachirapom Sara-Pod after the pair attended the 'elite' Killing Kittens sex party in Soho, central London, set up by socialite and friend of Kate Middleton, Emma Sayle.

Ms Sayle had once taken part in a charity rowing event with Kate Middleton before her marriage to Prince William.

Miss Sara-Pod, 35, also a model, fled her car wearing nothing but a fur coat after she was attacked last October by Ribbsaeter, who has a history of violence.

Trouble started when Ribbsaeter caught Miss Sara-Pod, known as Anna, in a toilet cubicle with another man and flew into a jealous rage. They were both drunk and had been taking cocaine.

Ribbsaeter left her lying on a couch and went to another nightspot, the British Luxury Club in Mayfair, where she followed him but he ignored her attempts to patch things up.

Finally at 6.30am he agreed to meet her by her car, a Land Rover Discovery parked in Chinatown. But when she arrived he slapped her across the face, knocking her to the ground.

Ribbsaeter then attacked her in the car on the way home, smashing her head against the dashboard before throttling her, telling her: "I'm going to hit you until you cannot remember your name."

At one point he stopped, undressed her and she agreed to have sex with him in the back seat to 'calm him down.' But he continued the 'prolonged and sustained' attack on Miss Sara-Pod.

Prosecutor Camilla Miss de Silva said the only reason he stopped was because she started to lose consciousness. Miss Sara-Pod then fled to safety at a nearby garage, where she sought help.

Her injuries were so bad she was left with a haemorrhage in her right eye and extensive bruising and swelling on her face.

Ribbsaeter, who has modelled for some of the world's leading fashion brands including Calvin Klein and Armani, claimed his girlfriend made up the story because he dumped her that night but it took a jury just 38 minutes to find him guilty of GBH.

It later emerged that Ribbsaeter once attacked the chauffeur of his former girlfriend, the Saudi princess Sara Al-Amoudi, with a wine glass. However, he was found not guilty of causing GBH after claiming he had acted in self-defence.

He was jailed for 16 months in his native Sweden in 2000 for GBH against a man and assaulting his then girlfriend Eunisia Fortes.

At the time of the attack on Miss Sara-Pod, Ribbsaeter, of Streatham, south London, was in breach of a community order imposed a year ago for hitting her and threatening her with a knife and damaging her car radio. He was also disqualified from driving.

During his trial Ribbsaeter, who has a three-year-old son in Thailand, boasted of 'living life in the fast lane' attending celebrity parties, fashion shows and promotional events across the capital.

He regularly attended sex parties for the 'sexual elite,' whose clientele included bankers, lawyers and models who pay £150 a time to enjoy orgies in luxury locations across London. One of its rules is that only the women can initiate sex with the men.

Ribbsaeter said he had taken his girlfriend to the event several times and was happy for her to have sex with other men while he went off with other women.

However, at the event in Leicester Square on October 28 last year, he became upset when Miss Sara-Pod texted him: 'Where are you? If you don't turn up I'm going to f*** someone.'

According to witnesses, he stormed up to the toilet on the fourth floor of the private house to find her slumped drunkenly in a toilet cubicle next to a man with his trousers round his ankles.

He admitted slapping his girlfriend but claimed it was because she was hysterical on cocaine.

Safora Syed, defending, said her client had done a 'lot for the community' raising money for many charities and was a spokesman for animal rights group PETA.

She added he would have to start his life again in light of this conviction as he was now penniless as his flatmate had sold all his belongings, including his clothes, to pay his share of the rent.

Sentencing him, Judge Richard Hone said it was a 'miracle' Miss Sara-Pod had not sustained any broken bones in the attack.

He added: "In her evidence she describes your sadistic pleasure in influcting harm upon her, culminating in the ritual humiliation of being unclothed by you and requiring her to have sex with you in the back seat of her car in a secluded street in south London.

"What is worrying is your history of offending and having heard you give evidence your total lack of insight and lack of remorse and attempts to blame others for your behaviour.

"You are clearly a man who is on occasions unable to control his anger and whose actions are completely disproportionate to events that cause you anger.

"Your occupation as a male model and as part time intoducer for wealthy individuals to swingers' parties meant you frequently used cocaine which when provided with significant quantities of alcohol leads you to abhorrant behaviour."

In a note passed to reporters after the sentencing Ribbsaeter continued to deny the attack saying there was a 'side to the story which had been overlooked.'

He added he was now embracing the opportunity to study and further advance himself and was a 'step closer to becoming a more complete person.'