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PUBLISHED November 29, 2012

29 November 2012

Legal aid hub to go live on 7 December

We're moving our web content to the justice site on 7 December 2012.

This will provide a joined-up site for users covering legal aid, courts, tribunals and wider Ministry of Justice content.

LSC content aimed specifically at advocates and providers will sit under a legal aid hub.

Other corporate content can be found in other areas of the site. For example, under 'Organisations', 'Publications' etc.

Identifying your needs

In creating the legal aid hub we've adopted the approach of the Government Digital Service in trying to identify your user needs.

The structure is mostly formed around tasks. For example, 'Make an application', 'Submit a claim' etc.

But there are also guidance sections covering 'contracts', 'areas of work', 'quality and assurance' and so on.


There will also be advocates' pages under 'Areas of work' with signposting to other relevant content.

The justice site has a powerful search engine. So if you prefer to find content via search rather than navigation, this should work better than it does on the current LSC website.

Although we did some user testing earlier in the year we will continue to review the hub after go live using various methods including user testing, analytics and feedback.
This will help us to improve the site and ensure it meets your needs.

More information

To find out more or provide feedback when the new hub is live you can email: