Court of Appeal

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  • chris boughton-fox 08/04/2016, 09:12

    “The Crown Court had not considered sufficiently what benefit accrued to the defendants personally: The Defendants’ benefit was their enhanced salary, dividends or other pecuniary advantage that had accrued as a result of the Old Company being operated in an illegal way. The benefit was not the turnover. Likewise the assets of the old company did not belong to PB and MB.”

    The vast majority of prosecutors and Crown Court Judges fantasise, adopting an ignorant/arrogant approach, or simply deliberately fail to comprehend the facts, when it comes to confiscation, in order to make attention grabbing, sensational headlines, I guess for self-justification of the costs to the public purse in pursuing such cases, and this is why we have the situation where so much remains uncollected in cases where fictitious confiscation orders are made.
    In these cases those responsible within the judiciary should be held accountable for their misdeeds.


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