Legal Aid

LCCSA's campaign

PUBLISHED September 25, 2013

Co-ordinated by its weekly PCT sub-committee, the LCCSA has waged a campaign the like of which has never been mounted before. With excellent work done by the association?s PR consultant, Philippa Budgen, in addition to the demo and rally on 22 May, the campaign has included:

  • early briefing of the national press and broadcast media, kick-starting a campaign which has galvanised others into action. In particular, full, accurate and early briefings were given to the Guardian and the BBC?s Five Live and Today programme;
  • working towards supportive articles in the national press and broadcast media and arranging for personal appearances ? not least Greg Powell?s in the Daily Express and Paul Harris?s on Radio 5 Live;
  • commissioning a short film by Ed Stradling, "Legal aid lawyers fight to save justice?;
  • early pressure on MPs ? co-ordinated by the sub- committee ? including persuading them to sign a House of Commons early day motion opposing Grayling?s proposals;
  • early briefing of the judiciary, members of whom have gone on to speak most effectively in the national debate;
  • successful pressure on the House of Commons Justice Select Committee to make an inquiry into the proposed reforms and briefing of MPs before the key hearing;
  • vigorous participation in a series of MoJ open meetings (though seemingly to no effect, as the civil servants repeated, as a mantra, "put it in your response to the consultation?);
  • organising a series of local meetings for members in different areas of London;
  • publicising the e-petition, so that any new measures can be debated in Parliament;
  • helping members with their responses to the consultation ? and encouraging a mass response;
  • an explosion of contributions to YouTube, Twitter, via the LCCSA Facebook page and blogs on the LCCSA website.

Very many thanks indeed to everyone who has taken part and, in particular, to: Akhtar Ahmad, Rakesh Bhasin, Sundeep Bhatia, Avtar Bhatoa, Steven Bird, Jon Black, Matt Foot, Greg Foxsmith, Rhona Friedman, Paul Harris, Julian Hayes, Nicola Hill, Belinda Knowles, Tony Meisels, Diana Payne, Greg Powell, Dave Rowntree, Ray Shaw, Stephen Slater, Karen Sturman and Tim Walker.

The meetings of the sub-committee are now held on alternate Thursdays, at 5.30 pm at the offices of Kingsley Napley. The next meeting is on 11 July. All are welcome to join the campaign, for whatever period of time they are able to offer.