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Latest version of CDS14 and 15 mandatory from 7 May

PUBLISHED April 26, 2012

26 April 2012

Courts will only accept version 9 forms

The cut off date for submitting applications on Version 8 CDS 14 and 15 forms is 6 May 2012. From 7 May 2012 magistrates' courts will only accept new applications made on Version 9 forms.

Advice on completing an application for criminal legal aid can be found at annex 19 of the Criminal Legal Aid Manual (CLAM). It is important that you read the forms guidance to understand what the applicant is required to complete before an application can be processed.

If an application cannot be processed and is returned to you, you must double check the forms for completeness before you resubmit the application to avoid any unnecessary delays to assessments.

Forms available free of charge

Forms CDS14 and CDS15 and 15C continue to be available free of charge from our forms provider Innovative Output Solutions (IOS) as per Section 4 of the Criminal Legal Aid Manual (CLAM).

To order supplies of Version 9 forms you can contact IOS on:

Tel: 0845 3000 343
Fax: 0845 5438 258

Further information

LSC website: CDS Forms

LSC website: CLAM