European Conference

PUBLISHED November 27, 2013

This year?s event took place in Lyon, from 4 - 6 October.

ProfessorDavid Ormerod gave a comprehensive criminal law update, on subjects ranging from the Crime and Courts Act 2013 to the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 and Paul Keleher QC delivered an enlightening lecture on securing the right outcome for mentally disordered defendants.

There was also an extremely lively debate on the government?s autumn consultationpaper, chaired by HHJ Stephen Dawson. This featured a panel discussion, with Avtar Bhatoa, Jim Meyer, Paul Mendelle QC and Sebastian Gardiner. A series of questions from the floor prompted observations about whether the government was determined to destroy legal aid, the inevitability of cuts to fees, the Law Society?s proposals as to consolidation of firms and any direct action that might be taken in response to the government proposals.

Leisure activities included a dinner, a coach tour of Lyon and a drinks reception, generously sponsored by 25 Bedford Row.