Duty Solicitor Rota Publishing Changes

PUBLISHED February 17, 2020

Members should have been notified that the next duty rota allocation will be provided in the form (see below), which we hope will make administration easier.  This idea was raised by the LCCSA through its involvement in a consultation group with the LAA. 
Please feel free to let us know if you have any ideas for similar improvements to LAA-provider interactions to admin@lccsa.org.uk
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Changes to the way Duty Solicitor Rotas are published
The LAA expect to publish the new duty solicitor rotas (which commence 1 April 2020) on Monday 2 March 2020.  The Legal Aid Agency will be changing how the rotas are presented and distributed to stakeholders. 
The LAA will no longer publish in PDF format but instead all rotas will be uploaded to Google Drive in a read only spreadsheet format. This will make them accessible to all stakeholders at all times and give them the option to download and manipulate to suit their circumstances.
It is hoped that these changes will make accessing the duty rotas much easier.  Please follow the link below to the guide for a more detailed explanation on the changes to how the rotas will be published and the best ways to access the rotas required.  
Please note the link to the rotas themselves will not be available until they are published – expected to be 2 March 2020.
Changes_to_the_way_Duty_Solicitor_Rotas_are_published(PDF, 572KB, 10 pages)
Once the rotas are published and available to view the LAA will send out a link by email to all stakeholders so that the rotas can be viewed and downloaded if required. The link will also be added to the https://www.gov.uk/guidance/duty-solicitors-rotas-information-and-guidance  Individual rotas will not be emailed out, only the link to the rotas will be provided.