When Dave Lee Travis was acquitted on 12 counts of indecent assault last week, his reaction was uncharacteristically flat: “I don’t feel like this is a victory in any way, shape or form”. For Travis, in many ways the quintessential voice of Seventies and Eighties radio, the price has been high. Aside from the psychological toll of the trial, he has had to sell his house and downsize to meet the costs of his defence. There are also two charges still hanging over him – one of sexual assault – about which the jury was unable to reach a verdict. The prosecution has until February 24 to consider whether there should be a retrial.

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  • Jim Meyer 15/02/2014, 20:52

    Non-criminal lawyers may be surprised to know that a successful defendant who pays for his/her defence privately in the crown court can never get his/her costs back, or even a contribution towards them. It won’t be difficult for innocent defendants to be “broken”, in every sense. When will the public realise the state now has no accountability?


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