Criminal Procedure Rules

PUBLISHED July 21, 2015

The Criminal Procedure Rules 2015, S.I. 2015/1490, were published yesterday. The statutory instrument can be found at this address:
The Rules come into force on 5th October, 2015. I attach a short guide, based on the Explanatory Memorandum published with them.
An announcement of the publication of the Rules will appear soon on the Rules pages of the Ministry of Justice website at: .
I understand that the Criminal Practice Directions are likely to be reissued, too, rearranged to correspond with the 2015 Rules.
When the Rules come into force, and if possible before that, the text will appear, in separate Parts and in a complete, bookmarked, edition, on the Ministry of Justice website. The text of the Practice Directions will appear on that website, too, as it does now, adjacent to the rules which the directions supplement and interleaved with the rules in the complete edition, just as now the current rules and practice directions appear in a complete edition at:  (a link to which appears on the page that lists the rules and practice directions, at: ).
Jonathan Solly
Criminal Procedure Rule Committee secretariat, Ministry of Justice, 102 Petty France, London SW1H 9AJ
Tel: 020 3334 4031
Guide to the Criminal Procedure Rules 2015