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Appeal to Crown Court cases ? contribution orders

PUBLISHED January 17, 2013

Clients failing to make payments following contribution orders will face enforcement action

Contribution orders are about to be issued for 'Appeal to Crown Court' cases and will be enforced if payment is not made.

This applies to appellants who fail the means assessment and who subsequently abandon or are unsuccessful in their 'Appeal to the Crown Court'.

Clients falling into this category can be required to make a contribution of £250 or £500 towards the cost of the appeal:


Appeal costs
£500 Appeal against conviction abandoned or dismissed
£250 Appeal against conviction is dismissed but sentence is reduced
£250 Appeal against sentence or order (e.g. an ASBO) abandoned or dismissed

Recovering legal aid funds

The focus on 'Appeal to Crown Court' cases will allow the LSC to build on its work in recovering legal aid funds through Crown Court means testing.

It is important that you are familiar with the requirements and the obligations to your client and the LSC.

Where payment is required, clients will be contacted after the outcome of the appeal.

Who will contact clients?

Collection and enforcement agency, Rossendales, is instructed by the LSC to collect and, if necessary, enforce non-payment.  

Further details on the assessment of ?Appeal to Crown Court? applications and subsequent recovery can be found in the:

  • relevant sections of the Criminal Legal Aid Manual
  • Criminal Defence Service (Contribution Orders) Regulations.

Further information

Criminal legal aid manual CDS Regulations