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ACPO comment on leadership in policing

PUBLISHED October 5, 2012

ACPO lead on professional standards Chief Constable Mike Cunningham said:

"The overwhelming majority of all those who work within policing - including those who lead the service - work tirelessly to serve their communities with commitment and integrity. The public quite rightly expects all police officers to demonstrate the very highest standards of professional conduct.

"However, with seniority comes greater expectation and accountability, and those who lead must do so by example.

"Policing is a complex and high profile public service where leaders deal with serious issues that can attract complaint. One of the police service's great strengths is its transparency and openness to challenge.

"What must be recognised is that the public we serve overwhelmingly have confidence in the police. The service is currently facing wide-ranging reforms but the commitment of police officers of all ranks to get on with the job is unwavering."