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Water cannon won't wash away policing problems | @guardianletters

PUBLISHED January 12, 2014

Supporters of civil liberties should think twice about lauding plans for police officers to carry body-worn cameras (Not exactly trigger-happy, but police need to work much harder to build trust, 10 January). Even if we accept that footage will be neither lost nor tampered with, we can be far from sure that it will deliver justice. Indeed, rather than supporting justice, the use of filming by UK police forces has led to abuses of power. Increasingly, joint forward intelligence teams are deployed to capture images of legitimate and law-abiding protesters, which are unjustifiably added to databases. It is noticeable, however, that officers tend to be hypersensitive to having their own pictures taken, often spuriously quoting section 23 of the Terrorism Act. It is tempting to suggest that if the Met is in earnest about improving its reputation, it's not cameras that are needed but mirrors. Nigel Rayment London

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