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Tuesday Truth 21/04/2015

PUBLISHED April 20, 2015

This week's Tuesday Truth is by former defence solicitor HH Barrington Black
1956 is only 60 years ago, to me it seems like yesterday.  How does the song go? … “Sunrise, Sunset, Sunrise, Sunset…  Those 60 years have passed very quickly since I first practiced law, and never, ever, did I dream that I would witness the profession and its practitioners being treated in such a disdainful manner by the Government, and particularly by a Conservative government.......
A message from the LCCSA/CLSA As you may know, Sir Alan Moses, Shami Chakrabati, Helena Kennedy and Ian Lawrence are part of a panel of speakers who will be addressing a rally in London on Thursday 23rd April at 2pm, and the national press are expected to be in attendance. This rally is not about two tier (two tier will come in if the Conservatives return to power, it won't if Labour succeed). This rally is about access to justice. It is about the fact that legal aid is important and that the public agree with this. The rally is about uniting the profession and saying to every political party that times have changed and we are no longer prepared to sit back and take whatever change they decide to make. We are currently underpinning a crumbling criminal justice system. We constantly make up for the failings of the court and the CPS with very little fuss. We cannot allow this to continue. No other profession would make the allowances and the concessions that we do, most of the time at personal cost.The rally needs to be well attended to send out a clear message. It really isn't too much to ask for firms and barristers chambers to send a representative to London as a show of support. Yes, it means one person out of the office or court for a day; yes, it means £12 for the ticket; and yes, it means the cost of a rail fare. This really is nothing when you consider the importance of such an event. Please, please do not ignore this and please show your support to help us change things in the future.  Book a place now!