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Tory Party Conference: 'It must be made clear burglary is not acceptable'

PUBLISHED October 9, 2012

The Government has already changed the law in an attempt to ensure that those acting in a "reasonable" way when confronting burglars are not prosecuted.

Successive governments have pledged to address the issue since the case of Tony Martin, the farmer prosecuted for shooting dead a burglar in 1999.

Last month, Andy Ferrie and his wife Tracey were held in police custody for almost three days after two burglars were shot in their house near Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. Three years ago, Munir Hussain, a Buckinghamshire businessman, was sentenced to 30 months in jail after he chased a burglar down the road and beat him with a cricket bat and metal pole.

The burglar had tied up Hussain's family and threatened them with a knife.

Lord Judge, the Lord Chief Justice, said last month that householders had the right to use force "to get rid of the burglar".

Mr Grayling, who will address the Conservative Party conference today, has said he wants to change the law "at the first opportunity" to give stronger legal safeguards to those who use force to protect their family or property.