In the Media

Tackling myths and stereotypes around Violence Against Women (VAW) crimes

PUBLISHED December 30, 2011

An article in The Guardian today implies that the CPS is not as aware as it should be of the need to tackle myths and stereotypes surrounding rape prosecutions. A large number of myths and stereotypes surround VAW crimes. The Crown Prosecution Service does not allow these myths to influence our decisions and we will robustly challenge such attitudes in the courtroom, as the implications of these myths can be damaging for victims and each are disproved by the facts. Myths and stereotypes will often become apparent during the course of VAW cases, and prosecutors will do all that they can to dispel them. Prosecutors who deal with rape cases are taught about them as part of their specialist training. The CPS has collated a list of the societal myths that are often found to exist in cases of rape, together with the facts that disprove them. These myths and the responses to them can be found in our legal guidance, in Section 21 of the Rape Manual.