Legal Aid

System problems with LAA Online Portal

PUBLISHED November 20, 2013

System issues with the LAA online portal

The Legal Aid Agency is currently experiencing technical issues which are affecting access to, and the speed of, the LAA online portal. 

 While 80% of the typical volume of legal help and crime lower claims have already been successfully submitted, we understand that these technical issues are potentially impacting a number of providers.

We are working with our IT suppliers to fix the problem as soon as possible and appreciate that this is frustrating for everyone affected. In the meantime please note the following: 

  1. Keep trying to access CWA - Please do keep trying to access CWA to submit your October 2013 claim if you have not yet done so.
  2. Standard monthly payments - Providers who receive an SMP will receive their payment as normal
  3. Variable monthly payments - Providers in receipt of a variable monthly payment (VMP) and who are unable to make their submission by the deadline should contact the Reconciliation Team.

Please be ready to confirm the amount of your October 2013 claim so that the correct payment can be calculated.

Contact details:

0191 428 3738