Responses to LGFS

PUBLISHED March 19, 2017

Deadline for LGFS and court appointees consultation is fast approaching . The LCCSA have set up a hub and provided some guidance to make it easier .
The government propose to introduce either a further 8.75 % cut or alternatively cap the number of pages that we are paid to 6000 . They also plan to drastically cut the rates for court appointed advocates by 75% .
We have in the past collectively submitted as many as 16,000 responses to previous consultations .
If this is a true consultation , then a large volume of responses will be impossible to consider prior to the implementation date - April fool's day .
It takes just 15 minutes to respond. Please ensure that all colleagues do so, by all means by using the guide but please answer individually . Only if we submit in numbers can we prevent the government from dismissing our opposition . We hope to be able to publicise the numbers that have responded through the hub .