News on closure of Hammersmith Magistrates' Court

PUBLISHED May 2, 2017

At the Isleworth Court User Meeting on 26/4/17  I took the following notes from a legal adviser attending on behalf of Hammersmith to advise Isleworth on what was happening with the closure, this information will be of interest to members in the affected area:
Hammersmith MC report by Nisha Gautama, legal adviser.

  • 12/6 YC work goes to HCYC.  She assumes youth work will still come to Isleworth under sendings
  • DV court, Probation breaches, traffic, CPS NGAP and GAP courts all go to Westminster.
  • Trials and overnights remain at Hammersmith until end July 17.
  • All trial work thereafter will go to Hendon.
  • Decommission of Hammersmith set for Aug.

No committal (sending) pathway changes to Isleworth planned.  So HCMC and Westminster will be sending to to a mix of Crown Courts depending on the URN codes.  Risk of error noted.