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Murderer who used Facebook to announce desire to kill still uses the site behind bars

PUBLISHED September 17, 2012

Leon Ramsden, 23, attacked dad-of-three Paul Gilligan in a busy pub after a 'play fight' turned ugly, stabbing him twice.

The killing happened in Bolton, Greater Manchester, just hours after Ramsden had used Facebook to update his status to read: "I'm twisted at home...feel like killin some1."

Ramsden has continued to update his online profile for the past three years, however, posting status updates and even uploading photos of him posing shirtless with other prisoners.

In July he used a BlackBerry to ask his 639 friends via Facebook: "Any1 got any gossip."

Ramsden was sentenced to a minimum of 17 years in 2009 after what the judge described as a "senseless, unprovoked murder."

Paul Gilligan's father Dennis, 64, told The Sun: "It's disgusting. Losing his freedom was part of the punishment. We have lost contact with Paul forever but he can still contact his family and friends."

A Prison Service spokesman said the page would be taken down.

He added: "Prisoners have no access to the internet and are barred from updating Facebook.

"It's an offence to have a mobile in prison. We work hard to keep them out."