Common Platform

PUBLISHED June 25, 2021

Common Platform began at Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court recently and will be rolled out to the following courts from 5th July 2021:

  • Ealing Magistrates' Court
  • Harrow Crown Court
  • Isleworth Crown Court
  • Lavender Hill Magistrates' Court
  • Uxbridge Magistrates' Court
  • Willesden Magistrates' Court

Having recently registered and set up my own account I strongly recommend you do so before you are likely to need to attend a hearing that is allocated to the Common Platform.  Once you have been registered it may take a few days for your set-up link to arrive.  Please check your junk folders for the email that invites you to set up your account, that is where I found mine, 2 days after registration.

In addition to setting up your password for your account you will then need to authenticate a device to associate with your account. I would imagine most people will need to do this on the device they take to court with them.  You will also need to have a mobile phone to assist with the security process, where you may need to install an app called Microsoft Authenticator.  I would encourage anyone finding it difficult to call the support line, which is open late.  When I did so the call handler stayed on the line until the process was complete.  My mistake was to try to register my firm’s Microsoft account with Microsoft Authenticator; do not follow my example and make sure you select the third option: Other account types.

You can find the registration form, video guide and the latest version of the defence learning guide online.  I would recommend watching the video as there are an number of important points to consider for advocates at court and for those litigating cases thereafter.

Kind regards,

Mark Troman


London Criminal Courts Solicitors’ Association