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Litigator fee claims: tips to avoid rejects

PUBLISHED July 18, 2013

A few simple checks will help to avoid many claim rejects

Rejects for litigator fee claims are relatively low at 6% but that is still 4,500 individual claims which we cannot process because of missing information.

The reasons are often easily avoided:

Make sure the form is complete

Make sure the LF1 form is completed in full. This includes:

  •  final hearing date (including fixed fees)
  • case number
  • MAAT number
  • solicitor account number
The LF1 needs to be signed and dated. 


Provide as much information as possible. This includes:

  • date of travel
  • destination
  • reason for travel

The LF1 needs to be completed in full. For public travel costs over £20 provide copies of all tickets or receipts. 

Early Guilty Plea

If you are submitting an Early Guilty Plea claim, ensure this is clearly stated on the LF1. 

Submitting LF1s online

We encourage providers to submit their claims online. However, you must ensure the solicitor account number you use to create claims online matches the account number on the LF1. Otherwise, your claim will be rejected.

Additionally, you need to ensure you select the ?Rep Order issued in the Mags Court? option when creating claims.

If you submit a Breach claim please select ?Rep Order Issued in the Mags Court not Subject To Means Testing?. There is guidance on our website for submitting fees online.  

Payment dates

You must check our processing and BACS dates on our website before contacting us.

If your claim has not been processed 23 days after the processing timescale, please telephone or email the Litigator Fee Team. 

Funding order and offence class

We are receiving a high volume of phone calls requesting confirmation of offence classes. All offence classes appear in the Funding Order.

For further information regarding the offence class, refer to the Crown Court Fee guidance on the Justice website.

Further information

Justice website:

Crown Court Fee Guidance - download PDF