Legal Aid

LCCSA response to MOJ announcement on LGFS reduction

PUBLISHED October 24, 2017

The LCCSA regrets the decision taken by the Ministry of Justice to announce yet another cut in its response to the consultation on the Litigators’ Graduated Fee Scheme.  It does not heed the concerns of the 97% of responses which suggest it threatens the sustainability of legal aid provision.
A great amount of time was spent by the Association and its members setting out why this cut was unjustified and ill-conceived.  This document fails to address these arguments.  While a review of the LGFS is justified to ensure if it is fit for modern caseloads, there is no need to threaten the supplier base in the short-term by rushing through a reduction in fees.  If as it says, the Ministry is committed to bringing about wholesale reform in 2018 it did not need to act now, at a time when it enjoys the savings from falling case volumes.
We will now consider the detail of the Response before deciding what action should be taken.  Link to the Response below: