Practice and Procedure

Kingston Crown Court restricts service of applications for bail to CJSM only

PUBLISHED March 6, 2012

Readers may remember that in January Wood Green Crown Court purported to restrict service of applications for or variations to bail to a CJSM account.  The Court later confirmed that this was more an aspiration than a definitive policy, but despite this a similar letter has been sent out, this time by Kingston Crown Court.
The LCCSA has again written to the Court regarding the initiative.  A number of LCCSA members replied in January asking why the LCCSA was seeking to discourage the use of CJSM; we want to make it clear that we are not.  What we are resisting on behalf of the Association's members is the move to using CJSM exclusively, in place of paper.  The reason for this is, for the time being at least, T3 is looming large on the horizon and that is going to have huge implications for the way we practice.  With fees cut to the bone, the Association believes that it is simply not feasible for firms to make the capital investment required to "go paperless".  If other CJS stakeholders want the Defence to do that, they are going to have to at least make it cost neutral AND remove the obstacles that currently prevent that "dream" from becoming a reality.
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