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JR Update & Skeleton Argument 15/01/2015

PUBLISHED January 15, 2015

Last March when we marched on Westminster for Grayling Day, the association produced some T-shirts, which sold out very quickly. On the back of those T-shirts was listed the following events:
22/05/13 - Old Palace Yard
4/6/13 - Petty France
30/07/13- Old Bailey
1/10/13 - Camden Town Hall
6/01/14 - empty courts around the country
Since that event we could add:
30/03/14 - Conway Hall
10/10/14 - Camden Town Hall
8-9/9/14 - Royal Courts of Justice
The war against Grayling's reforms has been an epic one, making Carter reforms and the previous attempt at BVT seem like skirmishes. The above schedule shows just how long it has been going on.
What we hope to be the final date - the next battle - is 15/16 and 19th January - this could really be the last stand, the battle for our futures.
Without wanting to sound like a broken  MP3, so much has gone into preparing for this, it would be remiss not to thank our Arsenal ( not a football reference ) in our  legal team at Kingsley Napley, Adam Chapman and Emily Carter, along with our  Jason Koppel QC, Chris Knight and Rupert Paines.
The MOJ knowing how important it is to win this have likewise put incredible time and resources to ensure that the proposals to reduce our number by 2/3 go ahead. It'll be a hell of a fight with so much at stake.
We are listed in Court 3 before Law LJ and Cranston J, sitting only until 1.30  and all day Friday and Monday. You are welcome to show your support but please expect a crowded court with limited space.
Tweeters out there may follow proceedings (subject to permission) by following
Thank you for all your generous donations. Please do continue to give as there is an impact of a defeat is as huge as a victory for access to justice and our profession.
Without your generous contributions, documents such as this skeleton argument would not have been produced. See document below.
Skeleton argument, claimants, for hearing 1516 January 2014