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Inquiry into anti-semitic crime cases

PUBLISHED March 30, 2007

A review of anti-Semitic "hate crimes" has been ordered by the Crown Prosecution Service to see if more cases should be brought to court, following protests by MPs that too few complaints lead to prosecutions.

Ministers ordered the review after a hard-hitting report by a Parliamentary all-party group of MPs on anti-Semitism raised concern about the low number of prosecutions by the CPS.

The MPs, chaired by former Labour minister for Europe, Denis MacShane, said a minority of Islamist extremists were inciting hatred against Jews in Britain. A minister said the CPS was looking at the "reasons for anti-Semitic incidents not resulting in prosecution".

The Hate Crime Task Force, run by the Home Office and the Communities Department, has also been asked to review evidence of growing anti-Semitism on university campuses. Phil Woolas, the local government minister, said he was also very concerned by the evidence in the report of "rhetoric with an undercurrent of hate and racism".