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Important update on legal aid forms

PUBLISHED November 18, 2013

Legal Aid Transformation - changes from 2 December  

The following civil and crime forms are being introduced for 2 Dec 2013:

  • CF1 form ? a new form which is required to allow Counsel to submit fee notes and claim enhancements
  • CRM 3 form ? updated to reflect changes in scope of legal aid for prison law    

The following form is being removed from 2 Dec 2013:

  • PL1 form ? Prison Law Treatment cases are being removed from scope of Legal Aid and this form is therefore no longer required.

Other changes from 2 December

  • AF1 ? this form has been reviewed and the improvements will speed up the creation of cases for the Crime Advocates team
  • CRM7 ?  the wording on page two of this form has changed and providers are now asked to differentiate between assigned and unassigned counsel. This enables LAA caseworkers to quickly identify the relevant counsel instructed.

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