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Huddersfield man guilty of ex-fiancee's attempted murder

PUBLISHED December 19, 2011

At Leeds Crown Court today Marcin Kasprazak has been found guilty of the attempted murder of Michelina Lewandowska. Patryk Borys was acquitted of attempted murder. Kasprazak pleaded guilty to possession of a prohibited weapon and kidnap immediately before the trial started. Borys pleaded guilty to kidnap at an earlier hearing. Jonathan Sharp, Principal Crown Advocate for Crown Prosecution Service Yorkshire and Humberside said: ?This was a heartless and calculated crime from which Michelina was extremely lucky to escape with her life. ?No-one involved in this prosecution could fail to have been impressed by Michelina?s bravery and determination, and we would like to take this opportunity to pay public tribute to the immense courage she has shown. ?Not only has Michelina survived her unimaginable ordeal, but she has also been determined throughout to see justice done. We were able to put special arrangements in place so that Michelina was able to give her evidence while screened from the defendants, and had the assistance of an interpreter. It is in no small part due to her commitment to this prosecution, including her willingness to give evidence at some length in this trial, that we have been able to bring this case to a successful conclusion. ?The defendant has now been found guilty of attempted murder; both have pleaded guilty to kidnap, and Marcin Kasprazak has also pleaded guilty to possession of a prohibited weapon. We hope that this is some small comfort to Michelina, and that she may now be able to begin rebuilding her life.? Background On 28 May 2010, Michelina?s ex-partner Marcin Kasprazak electrocuted her twice with a stun gun, then, with the assistance of his friend Patryk Borys, bound and gagged her and placed her in a cardboard box which he secured with parcel tape. That evening they drove her to a secluded wooded area on the outskirts of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, and buried her alive in a shallow grave, covering the box with earth and leaves. Placing a 40 kg log on top, he left her to die. She managed to struggle free and despite being extremely disorientated, flagged down a passing motorist who took her to his home and alerted the police.