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Hardship applications: change to cost estimates

PUBLISHED May 20, 2013

Changes to the way you estimate costs for work in magistrates? courts

Private rates will now be considered against historic DCA rates when we process an application for review on the grounds of hardship.

When quoting costs of work in the magistrates? court on the CRM16 form for a review on the grounds of hardship you should now enter your private rates.
This is instead of using legal aid rates when completing question 9 on the form.

State the grade of fee earner

As the applicable DCA rate differs depending on the grade of the solicitor you will also need to state the grade of the fee earner in your explanation of costs.

In addition, if the rate you are declaring is significantly higher than the corresponding DCA rate please tell us why the case justifies such a high rate.

You must continue to stipulate how much time is to be spent on:

  1. preparation and attendance
  2. hearings

Please see below for a link to the DCA rates and areas from 2010.

For assistance in making an application you can contact the National Courts Teams ? see below.

Further information

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