Law Reform

Government consult on regulation of waste management

PUBLISHED November 29, 2006

A government consultation will start today to change legislation applicable to the duty of care in respect of waste, the registration of waste carriers and the registration and control of waste brokers.

"A major barrier to the realisation of sustainable waste management is waste crime and the illegal disposal of waste," Ben Bradshaw, Minister for Local Environment Quality said. "This is already a significant problem, which has a notable effect on the quality of life in many communities. As regulations tighten and traditional waste disposal facilities reduce in number, the temptation for a minority to act outside the law may increase."

Bradshaw continued: "We need to produce less waste in the first place, think differently about ways in which we can reuse waste and have a more joined-up approach to waste management."

The review aims to cut waste crime, such as fly tipping, and remove the effect this can have on communities. The government wishes to make the legislation ?easier? for the enforcing authorities to use, along with the introduction of more ?flexible? penalties for waste offences.

?Controls on waste carriers and waste brokers are also important ways of ensuring that people and businesses are passing their waste onto companies and individuals who will deal with it responsibly,? Bradshaw said.