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Criminal justice system efficiency programme

PUBLISHED May 28, 2012

28 May 2012

Progress update on the roll-out of the CJS Efficiency Programme

New ways of digital working are being introduced across the criminal justice system (CJS).

There is a great deal of momentum across the CJS for this programme and defence practitioners have a major role to play.

The LSC is already working closely with defence practitioners and their representative bodies, the Criminal Prosecution Service (CPS) and other justice agencies.

We will continue working with CJS partners and the defence community to identify and address, where possible, any issues with digital working.

Watch out for future articles

The programme has published some useful information for defence practitioners on the Ministry of Justice website - see link below.

This information includes an FAQ document, incorporating questions asked by defence practitioners at the recent Provider Reference Group meetings (February-March 2012).

Through LSC Update, we will explain the nuts and bolts of the programme. So if you haven't already subscribed to LSC Update, please do.

Further information

Justice website: CJS efficiency programme > Defence practitioners