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ACPO response to the Home Office Strategic Policing Requirement

PUBLISHED July 31, 2012

ACPO lead on futures, Chief Constable Alex Marshall said,

"Clarity about how individual forces contribute to the national policing agenda is critical in ensuring the safety of communities across the UK. ACPO has worked with the Home Office on the Strategic Policing Requirement and we welcome its publication. These guidelines provide information on the national requirements for Police and Crime Commissioners (PCC's) and chief constables in broad terms. Over the next few months ACPO will complete a set of national requirement documents on severe disorder, terrorism, organised crime, cyber crime and civil emergencies that will complement the Strategic Policing Requirement. These requirement documents will make it clear to forces and PCC's how they can contribute, when necessary, to national emergency responses. All national requirement documents and planning assumptions will be subject to periodic review."