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A truly independent voice for Humberside

PUBLISHED October 29, 2012

I'm one of the independent candidates standing in the Humberside region. Unlike most, if not all independent candidates, I am completely different in the sense that I am not part of the establishment and never have been. I belong to no political party, and I don't come from some lofty position of authority which most independent candidates boast they do. I am a private citizen who decided that enough was enough. No more false options. No more illusion of choice. I was going to put my head on the block and give the electorate in Humberside a real option. Someone with no ties to party politics. Someone who doesn't come from an establishment background. Someone who doesn't come from a position of authority, dictating to the public for 30-odd years how they are the only ones capable of running important public positions. I do genuinely believe that anyone in this country could run an office for public service. I would love to see more regular/normal people standing against the very individuals who keep telling them/us that they/we are no good and couldn't possibly understand how government works I have no team to speak of. No agents or sub-agents. I don't have minions fawning over me like the other candidates. I have friends who support me and acquaintances that are promising to vote for me. I have spoken to hundreds of people in the region, and the one thing they all have in common is they don't want a politician to do this job. Half the people I speak to want 'anyone but John Prescott'. Most are glad that I'm running and walk away from me happy in the knowledge that there is someone 'normal' for them to vote for. I don't know what the result of the poll will be on 15 November but I know that 30% of the country will not vote for a politician, so I have some confidence that I will get votes. Will they be enough to get to first or second and force a run off? I don't know, but it will be very interesting to find out.

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