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YouTube videos support CJS efficiency

PUBLISHED June 21, 2012

21 June 2012

YouTube videos support CJS efficiency

As part of the Criminal Justice System's drive to move to digital ways of working, the CPS has produced two YouTube videos to demonstrate how to handle electronic bundles of evidence when you receive them in PDF format.

The first video takes defence practitioners through the simple steps of:

  • using Adobe reader more effectively
  • exporting your review notes
  • importing previous review notes
  • comparing your PDF documents on the same screen

The second video shows you how to:

  • navigate the PDF bundle
  • use sticky notes so you can add comments
  • highlight text when you're reviewing the evidence.

Both videos are five-minutes long and can be streamed off the MoJ Justice YouTube channel but not downloaded from YouTube directly. 

Just click on the links below:

Video scripts are also available in English and Welsh.