PUBLISHED March 19, 2006

 WikiCrimeLine was set up as a direct response to a challenge laid down by Professor Richard Susskind (IT adviser to the Lord Chief Justice), during a speech delivered to the Society of Computers and Law in March 2006 (see

WikiCrimeLine adds to the existing CrimeLine family of knowledge management materials, currently enjoyed by nearly 8000 criminal law professionals each week, and is the foundation for a national resource in relation to criminal litigation.

Andrew Keogh, editor of CrimeLine, comments: ?WikiCrimeLine is in the initial design phase, and currently searching the talent of the CrimeLine userbase to build a resource that will be not only of assistance to lawyers, but also the general public. The enthusiasm among lawyers is high at the present time, and I am confident that in a very short space of time WikiCrimeLine will meet the challenge laid down by Richard Susskind.?

WikiCrimeLine is accessible via  

Editor Notes:

Andrew Keogh is a partner with national criminal law firm, Tuckers. CrimeLine (  began in 2002 and is distributed, free, to over 7,700 criminal lawyers (solicitors, barristers, judges and academics) each week.

Like CrimeLine, WikiCrimeLine will remain a free resource.

A ?Wiki? is a collaborative workspace that allows any registered user to create or improve upon knowledgebase articles.

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