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Universal Credit roll-out

PUBLISHED July 4, 2013

Three more Jobcentres to start using new benefit called Universal Credit.

The new passporting benefit known as Universal Credit was extended to Wigan on 1 July 2013 following its launch in Ashton-under-Lyne in April.

From 29 July people in Oldham and Warrington will also be able to claim Universal Credit.

Gradual national roll-out will then start from October 2013.

What is Universal Credit (UC)?

UC simplifies the benefits system by bringing together a range of working-age benefits into a single, streamlined payment.  

How does UC affect legal aid means testing?

UC has been added to the list of legal aid passporting benefits.

We have published summary guidance on how this will affect your handling of the limited number of civil and criminal cases initially affected ? see more information below. 

Future consultation on eligibility

MoJ intend to consult on revised eligibility criteria proposals in autumn 2013 ? see more information below. 

Their intentions were outlined in the Ministry of Justice?s recent ?Transforming Legal Aid? consultation. 

For more information

Justice website: 
Assess your client's eligibility ? to download UC document